Pathfinder: Crypt of the Everflame

Crypt of the Everflame
The Adventure Begins

4th of Neth, 4753
-Heros accept quest, Rodak carries lantern

Illusionary Orc Battle
-Rodak charges into battle
-Dorven casts Grease, middle orc falls
-Weslon tosses Bomb, killing top and middle orc
-Anamir shoots bottom orc
-Radok fells final orc, dispersing the illusion

-good campsite: level ground, bushes on 3 sides.
-Anamir sees wolf
-Rodak charges at wolf
-Dorven casts Acid Arrow
-Anamir slays wolf with his longsword

5th of Neth

Grey Lake
-Dead Bandit
-found 87gp
-Weslon claims masterwork short sword

Treacherous Hill
-tied rope off/went slow
-Rodak slipped and fell down a 20 ft. cliff

Arrived At Kassen’s Tomb
2 days rations
2 large, comfy pillows
10 blunt arrows
2 pints lamp oil

6th of Neth

Entrance Hall
-Rodak charges at skeletons
-Weslon throws bomb, destroying the rear 5 of 6 skeletons
-Dorven casts Ray of Frost
-Anamir shatters skeleton with longsword


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